The Spirit of God within us

The Spirit of God within us

Josh spoke about The Spirit of God within us.

We are called to be kind, generous and to serve in the SUPERnatural.

God wants to add His SUPER to our natural.

Its about being in one spirit with God, to be fused in the spirit with Him.  Just like with a teabag – once the teabag hits the hot water the tea can’t be separated – it is infused with the water.

Your shadow will hold whatever shadows you.

We should not settle for mediocre.  Paul rebuked the people for acting like mediocre.

The victory that you are going after, stay on it.  It will become an instant victory for others.  When you receive it you can release it over others.

God is not interested in us owning partly.  The enemy will have us give up that ground, but God wants us to possess it.

When you receive, be thankful.  Thankfulness brings increase.

Taking ground, allowing God to add the SUPER to the natural and change will happen.