Step into it

Step into it

Lyndon spoke about Step into it.

Are you ready to step into what God has for you?  It will challenge & grow you.

  1. We don’t need to know what is around the corner, just step into it. (Check out Josh 3:8,13, 15 & 16 When the Israelites were to take the promised land they had to cross the Jordan of which was in flood, the Priests were told to take the ark of the covenant and stand in the river.)
  2. Step into a cause greater than your own.
  3. Sometimes we feel pretty pathetic, but God can use us anyway.  (check out Gideon in Judges 6:13 & 15)
    We say “God can’t use me”.  But in truth, You have so much to offer.  You have all God needs.
  4. You have come to Rolleston “for such a time as this”  (check out Esther 4:12 – 14)

There is a cost to step into it.

God can use a reluctant person. 

If you do it, God will be with you.

4 Steps

  1. FAITH – Do it in faith
  2. OBSTACLE – There is always a reason why not to do it.  Its an obstacle.  God will make a way.
  3. THE FIGHT – To possess it, you have to fight.  The fight puts us off, it’s a spiritual fight.
  4. INHERIT – So worth it.  We arrive where God wants us.

You don’t know where the little steps will lead.  Great things will follow.

If the Lord delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm.  Ps 37:23

He delights in every detail of your life.

With the favour of God in your life, you can do GREAT stuff.