Loving through Proverbs – Pt4

Loving through Proverbs – Pt4

Hannah spoke about Words from Proverbs 18. 

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.  Pro 18:21 NIV

Words kill, words give life, they’re either poison or fruit. Pro 18:21 MSG

There is power in your words! You choose every time – life or death to a situation.

Negative words can contribute to our insecurities, people get depressed & hurt.  Other contributing words are gossiping & complaining.  These are not speaking life!  Don’t get caught up in being critical.  Find something else to connect over.  Complaining feels good, but after a while others don’t want to be around it, it’s destructive. 

Words are powerful.

God spoke first, in the beginning.  We are made in Gods image and therefore have the same traits … power, life, creativity, love.

The power of our words have effect on our physical properties too.  What are you saying over yourself?  Are you speaking life or death?  STOP speaking death over yourself!  Speak life giving truth over yourself. 

Look up the following LIFE words: Pro 10: 11 & 21; Pro 12: 6, 18, 19 & 25; Pro 15: 1, 2 & 4

Words are important

  1. Words can change the atmosphere.  Read Rom 10:8 – 10. Speak the Lords word over thoughts and things.  Watch things change.
  2. Words show what is in our hearts.  Read Matt 12:33 – 34.  Set your heart towards God, how He would speak.  Take charge of your heart.  Guard your heart.  Your habits create the condition of your heart.  Make good habits.  Stop complaining.  Choose to change your attitude and your words will follow.  Read Ps 119:112.  Set a guard over my mouth, Lord: keep watch over the door of my lips.  Ps 141:3
  3. Words increase our faith.  It builds our faith when we share.  There is power when we declare who God is. When we are really struggling, speak it out.  Read James 5:13 – 16. 
  4. Words can tear down or build up.

Negative words are destructive, they kill, hurt, steal & destroy.  Our physical body is connected/intertwined with our spiritual body.  It is proven to lower our immune system.  If you are not speaking life, what are you speaking?  Your words have influence – your kids are listening. 

Positive words bring joy, healing, restoration, connection, understanding, forgiveness & love.  Your words can either crush someone or create joy.  Read Eph 4:29 – 32.  People are desperate for words of life about them.  Our words should be a blessing to others.

This is about aligning your heart with Gods so we can LOVE others with our words, LOVE ourselves with our words and see God’s purposes and hopes for us come to pass.

Choose to speak life.