Heavy Load – Depression

Heavy Load – Depression

Warren spoke about Depression.

Depression is not a nice load to carry.  Jesus said “my yoke is easy”.  When you walk with Jesus the load you have to carry is light.

Dr Catherine McArthur says

  1. Depression is common
  2. Depression can be just the way we are wired
  3. It can be a double-edged sword – because to the extent of “I am vulnerable” is also why you can reach out to others
  4. Circumstances that mess with our heads – can be yesterday or years ago
  5. Depression can come from chronic physical illness
  6. God always gives us a way to cope through depression, when we pray, and sometimes He will heal us from it

Craig says the following keys can help from healing to depression

  1. Thoughts – what you think of yourself, what you think others think of you and what the enemy tries to convince you of who you are
  2. Declare who God says you are
  • Jer 29:11
  • Phil 4:6 & 7
  • Luke 10:19
  1. Worship – when you worship God you are in His presence. When in His presence your fears can’t be there
  1. Choose not to believe your past defines your future. Really declare – where we are, what we believe, what we believe God for & what He can do when we stand in His love and presence

Elijah’s story – Gods servant gets depressed

  1. Constant friction with Ahab & Jezebel
  2. Miracles and expectation – God looked after Elijah and those around him
  3. Confronting the prophets of Baal
  4. The Lord sends rain for the marathon run

And then the CRASH! (1Kings)

  1. Jezebel threatens Elijah & this time he folds and runs – If life gets really tough, Talk to God first
  2. Elijah asks to die – He has lost control of his life, the burden to so big he can’t cope.  Elijah doubts his life’s work
  3. He ceases to think straight, he fails to look after himself and to act, but God does not leave him alone.  With Gods help he puts distance and time between himself and the problem

Confront the demon of depression.  If you run away from it forever – it will stay with you, but if you face it you can separate from it.