Belong, believe and behave

Belong, believe and behave

Ps Andre brought a baptism service message Belong, believe & behave.

We are all on a journey.  Baptism is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.  

We are all on a journey of faith. 

Christianity is about Love, Grace Acceptance and Forgiveness.  It is Freedom.

One Way to Jesus, of which could be entered via 3 doors.

Door 1 – Intellectual or theological understanding, or an innate ‘unfounded’ faith in God.  BELIEF

Reading the bible where it just makes sense.  Just wake up in the morning and know God is real.

Door 2 – Moral alignment with Christianity or following a modelled example of Christianity.  BEHAVE

Our testimony is still powerful, we will relate to those with a moral system that aligns with Christianity.

Door 3 – Relational connection with Christians, a community, faith found through family or friendship.  BELONG

There is not one way to evangelism, we all have come through different doors.

We all are designed for relationship, so we want to belong.  Old thought pattern would say we need to Believe right– Behave perfect – then you will Belong to this group of people.  However…  Jesus went straight for relationship.  There are stories upon stories of Jesus saying relationship is more important: The Samaritan woman  John 4:1-42 (v27), Blind Bartimaeus Mark 10:46, Demon possessed man Mark 5:1-20

Jesus was/is willing to connect with people on a personal level.

Cornerstone’s mission is to Reach our Region.  Rolleston needs to be saved, Selwyn needs to be saved.  Messy church.  Let’s shift the way we think, lets help people…  Belong, believe, and then behave.

Often a person needs to know they are loved before they can respond to it

What does messy church look like?

Don’t be judgmental.

Don’t force people through doors that they don’t fit through.

Belong, believe & then behave.